Disturbed Biography

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Music Style: Hard Rock

Country: United States

Year: 1996- Present

Website: www.disturbed1.com


Disturbed is a hard rock band that originated from Chicago, Illinois. The group first formed in 1996 when Dan Donegan, Steve Kmak, and Mike Wengren got the services of singer David Draiman in Chicago. The band started out by playing live shows and making several demos.

Te band then went on to release its debut album, The Sickness in 2000. It launched the band into the popular music scene with the song, Down with the Sickness which became very popular and was later on used as a soundtrack for various movies. From their new-found popularity, the band headlined the Ozzfest tour in 2001 alongside other popular bands.

In 2002, the band released their second studio album, Believe, that debuted at the top of the charts. Their next album, Ten Thousand Fists was released on September of 2005 and also debuted at the top of the charts. They fallowed it with their fourth album, Indestructible, which was released on June 3, 2008. A tour is being planned that will extend from July and August for the Mayhem Festival.



David Draiman – Vocals (1996-present)

Dan Donegan – Guitar (1996-present)

John Moyer – Bass (2004-present)

Mike Wengren – Drums (1996-present)


Steve Fuzz Kmak – Bass (1996-2003)


The Sickness- 2000

Believe- 2002

Ten Thousand Fists- 2005

Indestructible- 2008

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